Grist's selection in 2015 MLB Draft completes 'roller coaster ride'

Sports Reporter

Round 38 of the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft rolled around and Scott Grist’s, senior pitcher, dream of being drafted was either going to be now or never.

The Milwaukee Brewers, with the 1,141 pick in the draft, decided to take a chance on Grist. He was the second Bobcat drafted after Lucas Humpal, junior pitcher, was selected in the 37th round by the Cleveland Indians.

Grist’s goal to be drafted was complete. He will report to the Rookie League in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend.

“The experience has been surreal for me,” Grist said. “I don’t think it’ll hit me until I’m going to Phoenix.”

Grist’s path to being drafted has been a tough one, calling it a “roller coaster ride."

He did not get a lot of playing time during his freshman year and sophomore year, but opportunity presented itself during his junior year. 

Grist started in 12 games and went 5-2 with a 4.56 earned run average. After his junior year, Grist felt major pain in his elbow in his throwing arm, and he was faced with a tough decision.

He could either get Tommy John surgery and miss his entire senior season or pitch through the pain.

Getting surgery would keep him out his entire senior year, but his elbow pain would be non-existent afterwards and his chances of getting drafted would increase.

Grist opted to go with getting surgery and miss his senior season. He knew he would be ready in his fifth year of eligibility.

“I really wanted to pitch in my senior year, but I knew if I got surgery then I could play pro ball,” Grist said. “It was a tough decision but I am so happy it worked out.”

Grist came back in his redshirt senior season in 2015, and proved he is good enough to be drafted.

Grist pitched in 99 innings with a 5-5 record, including two complete game victories against UT-Arlington, one being in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament.

Grist had plenty of support from the team and coaching staff, but he gives his parents a lot of credit for getting him through the hard times.

“My parents were there for me step-by-step,” Grist said. “They could have easily convinced me to finish my senior year, but they were behind me 100 percent to get surgery. I was going through rough times last year and they were going through it with me.”