Blue Bell Ice Cream recalled due to listeria hysteria

News Reporter
An empty Blue Bell Ice Cream freezer displays a recall letter from the company April 29 at Sac-N-Pac on North LBJ and Sessom Drive.

Chartwells officials were forced to pull all Blue Bell products off the shelves at dining halls and Paws Market on campus during spring break.

Blue Bell officials began recalling their products on March 23 due to an outbreak of listeria that killed at least three people. Officials began by recalling the 3 oz. ice cream treats but later made the decision on April 20 to pull all products.

Chartwells officials will most likely seek out other vendors until they get an “OK” from Blue Bell that the ice cream can be sold again, said Chin-Hong Chua, resident district manager for Chartwells. Students may see an alternative choice for ice cream on campus during the summer depending on how long the recall lasts.

The week before spring break, Chartwells officials received news from the company’s corporate office that Blue Bell products would be recalled, Chua said.

“Companies will always get the notice to pull items from shelves before the news hits the media and public,” Chua said.

No Texas State students have reported getting sick from eating any campus Blue Bell products, said Karen Gordon-Sosby, associate director for the Student Health Center.  

Students have mixed feelings as to whether or not people will buy Blue Bell products again if the recall ends.  

“I cannot resist their delicious flavors,” said Clint Boldt, physics freshman. “I will have to eat other brands that are not as delicious (until the recall is over).”

Others are not as open to buying Blue Bell products again.

Alejandra Avila, mass communications sophomore, said Blue Bell was the “go-to” brand of ice cream for most people and was inexpensive compared to other brands.

However, Avila would still be concerned about the safety of Blue Bell products in the future due to the recall.

“I will probably not eat Blue Bell again because once something has been recalled, it’s not so easy to trust that brand or item again,” Avila said.