Beyond the game: Kimberlin Naivar, sophomore outfielder

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Kimberlin Naivar, sophomore outfielder, was faced with a test in her freshman season. 

Naivar played three seasons as a starter in high school. As a freshman, she started in only six collegiate games. She recorded two runs batted in for the entire 2014 season.

“There’s always that big jump coming out of high school going into Division I softball,” said Coach Ricci Woodard. “A lot of players don’t know how to handle the adversity of being successful right away.”

Naivar’s roommate, Lexi Fryar, sophomore utility player, has noticed the dedication that drives her teammate toward goals.

“She’s one of the hardest-working people I know,” Fryar said. “She’s a great person all around and just likes to push herself and the people around her. She pushes me a lot.”

Naivar embraced a more involved role offensively and defensively late in the 2015 season. She has started 31 games and has a .282 batting average, 13 runs batted in, nine doubles and one home run.

Naivar dreamed of being an important player on the team. Her hard work is finally paying off.

“The biggest difference is she’s handled adversity way better this year than last year,” Woodard said. “I think that’s what got her last year. This year she’s done a much better job at taking the game one pitch at a time.”

Naivar started for the Barbers Hill High School Eagles in center field for three seasons. She earned a selection to the First-Team All-District as well as Academic All-District.

Following a 34-4 senior season, Naivar was recruited by McNeese State and UTSA before deciding to join the Bobcats.

“When I came on my visit, it was really the chemistry and friendships that the players had that got me,” Naivar said. “How the coaches welcomed us in on our visit really just made us feel a part of Texas State softball. That’s when I realized that Texas State was home.”

Fryar said Naivar’s dedication is noticeable on and off the field.

“My dream and my passion is getting into dental school,” Naivar said. “I really want to pursue a career in dentistry and hopefully one day become (a dentist). That’s one of my biggest aspirations and goals in my life.”

Naivar has played softball since she was 6 years old. She is thankful for where the game has taken her and lessons learned from playing.

“Overall, getting the opportunity to travel and play in some really cool places and creating so many friendships is what I love most.” Naivar said. “When I look back, the majority of my closest friends are the people that I grew up playing softball with.”