Get to know: Randi Rupp, freshman pitcher

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PL: What is it like to share the same birthday with both of your sisters?

RR: I think it’s pretty cool. When I tell people that, they always are like, “No you’re lying! That’s not true!” And I’m like, “No, I promise.” So, I don’t know. I think it’s pretty cool.

PL: Do you have a favorite baseball/softball player? Why?

RR: Cat Osterman. Whenever she came here, I was like, “That’s my idol.” You know, it was all about Cat and Jennie (Finch) when I was growing up. And now I get to come here and play for her, which is pretty cool.

PL: When did you first start playing softball?

RR: I was four. Me and Sara (Rupp) were really shy when we were younger, and so Mom and Dad were trying to get us out there. I remember when I was four, I was scared of men. Men terrified me, so the umpires were men, and I would sit on my mom’s leg, and she was dragging me out there whenever we first started.   

PL: Why did you choose to come to Texas State to play ball?

RR: For one, I remember I came here my sixth grade year to watch Taylor Hall play, and that’s kind of when I found out about Texas State. And then my freshman year, I had an offer here. The scenery is beautiful. I looked up to Chandler (Hall, Taylor Hall’s younger sister) and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. And we both (Randi and Sara) got an offer, so me and Sara coming together was a huge part of the recruiting process. 

PL: What kind of movies do you like?

RR: Comedy. For example, we went and watched Furious 7 and I fell asleep in it. I just don’t do good in, like, action and car racing. I don’t do scary movies. Not really love stories, just comedy.

PL: Do you have a favorite actress?

RR: Sandra Bullock. I like her a lot. The Blind Side isn’t really funny, but I do like that. I’ve watched it numerous times. That’s a good movie.

PL: What’s one thing that you cannot live without?

RR: My sister. Growing up in school, we usually had a class or two together, and then we got to high school and we didn’t have any together, and I was like, “Oh! What am I gonna do?!” It’s the same thing with college. I don’t know how people come here just by themselves and have to meet new people. I always have my sister by my side.

PL: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

RR: Paris. On my Snapchat, there was a snap story of Paris, France, and just to see the Eiffel Tower—I don’t know. It would be pretty cool to see all the different features and just to go out of the U.S. I’ve never been, so I think that would be a pretty cool place to visit. 

PL: What’s your favorite place to go in San Marcos?

RR: Definitely the outlets. I like to spend a lot of money. The outlets definitely scare my bank account, but yeah, I like shopping a lot. I shop at Victoria’s Secret, the Adidas outlets, Nike, etc. I’m not too big a Nike fan now since we are sponsored by Adidas, but I was a big Nike fan.

PL: Do you watch any TV shows?

RR: My big series is Big Brother. I’m a huge Big Brother fan. Me and Sara both—we love Big Brother. I watched Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

PL: Where do you like to go eat around town?

RR: Torchy’s Tacos is my favorite, and it’s new. I tried it when it first opened, and I’ve already tried it like six or seven times since then.