Performance art piece creates controversy

Assistant News Editor

Controversy arose after a Texas State student sat nearly nude Monday morning on the steps of Alkek Library.

Monika Rostvold, studio art senior, wore a thong and pasties on her breasts the color of her flesh in a performance piece to make a statement about the objectification of women and for Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Women are pressured to attain an ideal body type, Rostvold said. However, “women come in all different shapes and sizes,” she said.

Rostvold sat on the steps of Alkek for about 45 minutes.

“At first, I got negative reactions,” Rostvold said. “People (got) really, really close to me, touching me and whatnot.”

At one point, University Police Department (UPD) officers came to talk to Rostvold, but officials said she broke no laws during her performance. The officers eventually left.

After the police left, people came and sat with Rostvold and gave her letters, water to drink and even flowers, she said.

“I didn’t expect it to be as positive as it became,” Rostvold said.

Rostvold said she is “more than happy” about the feedback she has gotten about her performance.

“People have been coming up to me and leaving me Facebook messages about how they were sexually assaulted and me doing this gives them empowerment,” Rostvold said. “Other people are saying that they have bad body image and how all this kind of stuff gives them more courage.”

Rostvold may have further performances “down the road” because of the success of this piece, but she has no plans to do any in the near future, she said.