Wastewater contract approved for five additional years

News Reporter

San Marcos City Council members voted unanimously at a Feb. 3 meeting to extend their wastewater treatment contract with CH2M Hill for another five years.

CH2M Hill is an engineering company that provides consulting, design, construction and operational services that involve innovating energy resources like nuclear and water, according to the business’ website.

CH2M Hill officials are responsible for running and managing the wastewater treatment facility located on East Hopkins Street. The wastewater treatment plant receives a daily inflow of 9 million gallons. City officials contracted CH2M Hill in 2005 to run the wastewater plant for 10 years, said Jon Clack, assistant director of public services.

“Hiring a company like CH2M Hill instead of having the city run the plant saves the city a lot of money in the long run,” Clack said. “There are a lot of towns throughout the country that contract companies to run their wastewater plants.”

Having CH2M Hill officials present at the plant is advantageous, he said. They would know how to fix and assess problems that might arise.

Clack said the contract with CH2M Hill is good because the company has performance standards with trained personnel and professionals monitoring the plant at all times.

“Having a contract with the city allows our company to focus on the plant while the city focuses on running their business,” said Kirby Chaney, vice president with operations management at CH2M Hill.

The contract stated the city could choose to extend the contract in two five-year intervals after the expiration, he said.

“Working with CH2M Hill and having them contracted with the city is a great way to keep our wastewater plant in good shape,” Clack said.

The city council unanimously decided to extend the contract for another five years, Chaney said. The city will be offered another five-year extension after the current contract ends.

“If the city is happy with the way the plant has been treated in the next ten years, they can always choose to run another contract by us—if they are satisfied, of course,” Chaney said.

Chaney takes pride in the work CH2M Hill officials do.

“With the river and natural beauties in San Marcos, CH2M Hill works extremely hard to preserve the natural beauty that this city has to offer,” Chaney said.