University Arts Committee proposes new name, selection process


Senior News Reporter

Officials with the University Arts Committee requested Faculty Senate approve a new rubric at the April 22 meeting intended to guide the selection of artists hired to perform at campus events.

“There’s never been a real solidified way of choosing (artists),” said Michelle Nance, co-chair of the committee. “So we came up with a rubric last year, and it has been revised again, so we wanted the senate’s feedback on that rubric.”

Nance said the members want approval to change the title of the organization to “the University Performing Arts Committee.”

Nance said the new name would be more precise because the committee seeks performers rather than individuals who host art exhibitions and similar events. 

The committee chooses performers for campus events such as the ENCORE series, which includes a variety of artists, including singers, poets and scholarly orators who perform in Evans Auditorium. 

Faculty Senate members will vote next week to determine whether the title of the committee will be approved. They will also decide whether the suggested rubric will replace the existing one.  

Michel Conroy, Faculty Senate chair, said she has no problem with the title change, but it will have to be finalized with a vote at the next meeting.  

“We revised our rubric to reflect the vision and the mission (statements of the committee),” Nance said. 

Nance said the previous vision and mission statements were revised to eliminate certain language that was difficult to gauge, such as phrases like “world-class events.” 

“We laid out a points system (in the new rubric),” Nance said. “Potential educational benefits to students would be our first priority, and if it could provide additional educational opportunities, those would be the high-point items for us.”

The artist selection rubric would be used to judge eligible artists based on the likelihood students would attend their performances and the presentations’ relevance to other university programs such as Common Experience, Nance said.

Barbara Covington, nursing senator, suggested committee members consider offering live feeds of performances for students who attend the Round Rock campus. 

Nance said offering a live feed system is not something the committee has ever discussed. She decided to present the idea to the members of the University Arts Committee.