SMPD accused of illegal hangar entry

News Reporter

A local attorney spoke to San Marcos City Council Tuesday evening regarding his concerns about San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) misconduct.

Charles Soechting, of The Soechting Lawfirm, claimed police unlawfully broke into his personal hangar after receiving a false lead from a narcotics office.

Soechting alleged police broke into his hangar to look for illegal substances after a “crooked” narcotics officer accused him of transporting drugs. Soechting said the police later informed him that his hangar had been broken into before they arrived.

Soechting has dual ownership of the hangar with San Marcos resident E.F. Romano.  

Romano said he felt the police had wrongly broken into the hangar. He said he was driving away from his hangar after unloading groceries and T-shirts.

Romano said a police officer turned around and ran a red light to pull him over. He then noticed something was not right. The officer shook his hand and said it was a routine traffic stop.

Romano said the police later called him and told him his hangar had been unlocked. He said the police had lied. His locks are automatic, and no one had the key.

Councilman Shane Scott, Place 6, thinks the situation was exaggerated.

“I’ve always seen Charles in situations that seem irregular,” Scott said.

He said SMPD officers are good at their jobs.

Soechting said he would wait for the police to file their reports before taking action. He asked the police to apologize and agree to get proper training.

Both men urged the city council to seek out corrupt officers and discipline them.