Texas State alumni produce local music festival

Lifestyle Reporter

Thousands of eager partygoers showed up to Cool River Ranch in Martindale for #TXSpringFest on Saturday.

John Russell, co-CEO of Tha Fixx, an entertainment website, came together with business partners Brian Hobbs and Victor Jackson to make #TXSpringFest a reality. The event was hosted by Tha Fixx and promoted by Endless Entertainment.

The concert was supposed to featured hip-hop artists Juicy J and K Camp as well as EDM performers LooKas and Sikdope.

The event ended early due to poor weather. Juicy J and K Camp did not perform, but the appearances by LooKas and Sikdope went on as scheduled.

Russell said Tha Fixx was founded five years ago. The founders have carved a niche for themselves within the hip-hop industry, he said.

Russell was excited for the chance to throw a concert in San Marcos because the three businessmen are Texas State alumni.

“We are a bunch of Bobcats doing this for Bobcat nation,” Russell said.

Jackson hoped concerts like #TXSpringFest were held when he was a student at the university.

“We all graduated from Texas State,” Jackson said. “This is our school. And we know what we wanted when we went here, and we saw that void still had not been filled. So we opened the market and filled it.”

Hobbs said the three alumni are focused on growing their business in San Marcos and wanted to throw an event like #TXSpringFest for years.

“We do not just want to be another fish in the pond,” Hobbs said. “We want to be the shark in the pond out here.”

Shawn Onyechi, health and fitness management junior, said he used his company, Endless Entertainment, to promote SpringFest.

Onyechi said he founded Endless Entertainment to promote unity and diversity within the Texas State community through events like #TXSpringFest.

“I am the type of person that likes to be around different people,” Onyechi said. “At Texas State, we have a very diverse group with different types of people.”

Onyechi said one of his goals was to make the concert easily accessible to university students.

 “It is all about bringing people together for an affordable cost,” Onyechi said.

Onyechi believes introducing #TXSpringFest as an annual concert in San Marcos would be beneficial to the community.

“It is about doing something that is bigger than us,” Onyechi said. “We are doing something for everybody. The whole community came out, and businesses profited too.”

Hobbs said #TXSpringFest is in its infancy, and he hopes it will one day be a nationally recognized music festival.

“We just want to make this thing bigger and bigger and bigger,” Hobbs said.

“If you are into having fun, this is something you should want to go to, period,” Russell said.