Texas State gears up for Incarnate Word


Sports Reporter

The Texas State track and field team has reached the halfway point of the season with three meets remaining until the Sun Belt Outdoor Championships. 

The Incarnate Word Invitational will be held in San Antonio and is one of the smaller meets Texas State will compete at during the outdoor season.

Texas State holds the top spot in 14 different events. Seeing Bobcats setting new personal bests becomes a more regular occurrence with each passing meet,.

Coach Dana Boone said the team is far from reaching its best despite setting personal records in the Baylor Invitational.

"I think, honestly, we're still underachieving a bit," Boone said. "I don't think we've shown our true potential yet. I think we're on the verge of some good things. They just haven't happened yet." 

Boone said a coach can only do so much to train athletes and make them stronger.

"When I say we're on the verge, that's what I mean," Boone said. "Hopefully all the pieces are there, so that hopefully they'll put the puzzle together."

A lack of favorable weather conditions adds to the puzzle. The Bobcats have not been to a meet this season where the weather was warm and sunny, Boone said. The Bobcats will have to deal with the conditions no matter what.   

The Incarnate Word Invitational is an all-day event held Saturday, April 11. The forecast predicts warm weather, but there is a high chance of rain.

Boone plans to take advantage of the meet. She sees it as an opportunity to give athletes who have not had a chance to run to participate and a way for the team to make improvements. 

Boone said the team’s performance at the Baylor Invitational was “not great but not bad.” She felt little needed to be said to the team after the meet.

"I think everybody kinda knows where we are and what we can do better," Boone said.  "As a coaching staff, I think all of us have assessed our student athletes and figured out which direction we need to go in moving forward."

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