Somos Músicos provides classical musical experience

Lifestyle Reporter

Student musicians had the chance to prove their talent and dedication by participating in the Somos Músicos recital.

The Texas State School of Music hosted Somos Músicos on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall.

The performance included “Allegro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Trio in Bb Major” by Josef Triebensee and “Catching Shadows” by Ivan Trevino.

Paula Bird, senior violin lecturer and head organizer, said the event was exclusively a student performance. The event was a chance for the musicians to show off their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Somos Músicos means “We are Musicians.” The group was created by Thomas S. Clark, director of the School of Music, Bird said.

Auditions were not held for the concert, Bird said. Instructors recommended the students they felt were prepared to play the advanced sheet music.

She said the classical pieces performed at the recital gave the audience an opportunity to step out of its comfort zone and experience a different type of sound.

“Classical music is the foundation of all music,” Bird said. “The hardest thing to understand is the complexity of classical music, but if you succeed in understanding it, everything else you listen to will be easier.”

Bird compares the experience of listening to classical music to visiting an art gallery.

“If you take the time to go to a museum and actually look at the artwork, you will understand it more than if you just hang out at the movies,” Bird said. “There are wonderful movies, but they are easier to understand than a painting.”

Bird has been involved in music for over 45 years. She performs for the Austin Symphony and the Artisan Quartet and has taught music at Texas State since 2002.

Bird has been exposed to talented musicians over the years, so she understands the difference between a good and great musician.

“A good musician can play all of the notes,” Bird said. “But the great musicians are the ones that go a step beyond that and use their product as a way to communicate something to the observer or listener.”

Ricardo Sanchez, music junior, said the hours put into the concert were worthwhile because the music’s message was conveyed.

“Music is a universal language,” Sanchez said. “It is something we can all communicate through. We can feel the same emotions. We can hear and listen to the same beautiful sounds that are being created.”

Ricardo Pallanes, music studies sophomore, said his tuba instructor, Raul Rodriguez, approached him about performing at Somos Músicos.

Pallanes said Somos Músicos allowed him to strengthen his musical skills.

“Somos is more of a thing that showcases the talents of students,” Pallanes said. “I believe it helps us learn what it is to be a professional musician.”

Pallanes hopes to use what he learns in the School of Music to benefit those around him

“I want to give back to the community,” Pallanes said. “Me being a music major with a teacher’s certification, I want to be a band director. I want to teach kids music the way I was taught as a child.”

The time Pallanes and the other musicians spent practicing for the recital helped to ease his nerves.

“I just told myself, ‘You deserve to be on that stage, so go ahead and play your heart out,’” Pallanes said.