Faculty Senate approves University Research Committee recommendations

News Reporter

Faculty Senate discussed a new University Research Committee (URC) report at their Wednesday meeting and considered recommendations for new policies and procedures.

Officials with the URC review faculty research proposals and offer funding recommendations.

Michel Conroy, Faculty Senate chair, recommended four processes and procedures and all were approved.

The first recommendation made was to change the committee’s name to University Research Enhancement Committee (UREC).

“The word needs to be revised to ‘enhancement’ because there are so many levels of research committees right now,” Conroy said. “The only one that this committee is involved in is the research enhancement program.”

Conroy then suggested the annual archiving of College Research Enhancement Committee (CREC) evaluation score sheets on each project proposal. The archives would help to inform unsuccessful applicants on ways to improve their research proposals.

Conroy said proposals will be scored in categories, which will allow the applicants to see where they place.

“We certainly have had a lot of qualitative data, questions (and) comments that really would help someone applying for a second time,” said Emily Payne, education senator.

Barbara Covington, nursing senator, said the College of Heath Professions dean meets with applicants whose proposals did not make the cut, as well as those accepted, to give suggestions based on comments.

The third recommendation states UREC members should review applicants prior to the evaluation meetings to determine whether each proposal is eligible.

The last recommendation suggested the period for expending funds and carrying out a project be extended. The current period runs from January to March of the next fiscal year. The proposed system would extend the time limit to May.