Strutters dance their way to success

Lifestyle Reporter

Hundreds of people filled Evans Auditorium March 26-28 to watch The Texas State Strutters perform at their annual showcase.

Tammy Fife, director of the dance team, said the group spent months perfecting the series of advanced routines in the Strutters Spectacular.

Fife said the performance is a chance for the dancers to step out of the shadows of the football and basketball team and headline their own show.

“Normally the Strutters dance for football at halftime or for basketball,” Fife said.  “But this is more of their chance to do their thing,”

Fife, a former Strutter, has been involved with the dance group for over ten years and currently serves as the team’s head director.

Fife said the dancers have worked for countless hours to prepare for the opportunity to show their skills on stage.

Meghan Hopper, public relations sophomore, said she hopes the effort the team dedicated in order to make the three-day ‘Spectacular’ a success was clear to the audience.

“We work really, really hard, and a lot goes into the performances,” Hopper said. “We just want everyone that watches it to have fun and enjoy it more. We hope that it moves them.”

Fife said balancing practices before the show can be overwhelming at times. A great performance in front of family and friends is the most rewarding part of being the director.

“The most satisfying part is an awesome performance,” Fife said.  “Even if things have gone wrong at times earlier in the week, a great performance is a win.”

Haley Rogers, psychology sophomore and lieutenant, said appreciation for the art of dancing and school pride allow the team to maintain such a busy schedule.

“We do what we do because we love dancing, but also because we want to make the university proud,” Rogers said. “All the students at Texas State should be proud.”

Selena Flores, interdisciplinary studies senior, serves as the head captain of the 118-member dance team.

Flores, who was participating in her fourth and final Strutter Spectacular, said she was excited for the opportunity to perform in front of an intimate audience.

“It is different for us because it is just us,” Flores said. “We are not dancing for the football or basketball team. It is our crowd—our friends and family and the people that want to be there and support us.”

Flores said Fife is the backbone of the team, and her commitment to the members has made them great.

“Everything she does is for Strutters—all night, every day,” Flores said. “She is so in-tune with us. We all know she loves us very much.”

Fife said she takes her duty very seriously and gives maternal guidance when coaching.

“They see each other as family, and they see me like the mom of the group,” Fife said. “Mom wants you to be great and to succeed. But Mom is going to get on you to make sure you succeed.”