Bobcat Build gives back to San Marcos residents


Lifestyle Reporter

Bobcat Build gave Texas State students a chance to give back to the community Saturday.

Lindsay Watson, student director of Bobcat Build, said the committee’s work begins the day before the event.

“The committee arrived here at 8 a.m. yesterday to unload tools and set up for the event,” Watson said. “We worked for a solid 12 hours. Today we arrived at 5 a.m. We just started setting things up and prepared for the venders to arrive.”

Bobcat Build’s sponsorship doubled from last year, she said.

“This year 10 Saw-Level Sponsors donated over $1,000,” Watson said. “Starbucks, Taco Cabana, Dos Gatos and Whataburger are just some of the sponsors for this year’s Bobcat Build.”

Special guests gave speeches at 8:45 a.m., and the event began, Watson said.

“This year our VIP’s were Congressman (Lloyd) Doggett, Mayor (Daniel) Guerrero, Dr. (Joanne) Smith, vice president of student affairs and Jack Rahmann, director of the LBJ Student Center,” Watson said.

This year Bobcat Build had a record number of over 4,300 students register to volunteer, Watson said.

“Bobcat Build was started 13 years ago by just a small group of students that wanted to give back to the community,” Watson said.

Ashley McGhee, president of Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Society, said 15 members from the Texas State chapter participated this year.

“We like to do volunteer events and give back to the community that we are in daily,” McGhee said.

Members of the organization got to their job site around 9:45 a.m. to report for duty, she said.

McGhee said her group worked at the Centro Esperanza Community Center.

“We cleaned windows, organized a closet and picked up trash outside the community center,” McGhee said. “After we finished that we walked down to the soccer field about two blocks and picked up trash so that someone could mow it and kids could use it.”

Grecia Rojas, volunteer coordinator for the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Society, said the community center is a repeat job site for Bobcat Build.

 “I’ve been talking to the lady from the community center for a couple of weeks,” Rojas said. “She told me she worked with our organization previously and requested that we come back this year.”

McGhee enjoys working for Bobcat Build every year because it is a way of showing appreciation for the community.

 “I think it’s our job as students to give back to the community,” McGhee said. “We come here and party and enjoy the land, so it’s important to help the residents of San Marcos who let us basically rent their area.”

Around 12:30 p.m. the work was done and the organization’s members visited with the community center staff, Rojas said.

“They brought us pizza, which was really nice,” Rojas said.

Watson said Bobcat Build is a chance for students to get to know the residents of San Marcos and connect with them.

“I wanted to work on the committee for Bobcat Build because I worked one year and I met the sweetest old lady that was so grateful for all the work that I did,” Watson said. “It was the only time of the year when work could be done on her home.”

The residents of San Marcos are thankful students can lend a hand, Watson said.

“We’re building relationships, not houses,” Watson said.