San Marcos residents visit Superfly’s for musical variety, sound quality

Lifestyle Reporter
Oscar Favian, geography senior, browses records March 25 at Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium.

Many San Martians know Superfly’s Lone Star Music Emporium as a one-stop shop for classic vinyl records, posters and literature.

Zach Jennings, owner, said the store opened about three years ago and features vintage music from a variety of genres.

Lance Garza, employee and Texas State alumnus, said he was hired after being a regular customer at the record shop.

Wild Child, The Deer, José Gonzáles and Americana bands are sold consistently at Superfly’s, Garza said. The sound of these artists appeals to Central Texans.

Garza said he wasn’t especially exposed to music growing up. However, he developed a love for the art, which eventually led him to work at Superfly’s.

Garza said the emergence of the Internet as a primary source for music has changed the culture of the record industry. Despite this change, he has seen a recent resurgence in the purchasing of vinyl records.

“I’ve seen a lot of people coming in lately looking strictly for vinyl records,” Garza said.

“Most people believe vinyl has a superior sound quality”.

Garza is not opposed to listening to music on a CD or through an MP3 device, but he believes vinyl records are the best way to feel the sound.

“I just love music, but I prefer vinyl,” Garza said. “It is the whole process of throwing an album on, flipping it over and dropping the needle. It is the whole experience that draws me in.”

Promise Udo, employee, said he has been producing and writing music for over five years. He was inspired by genres such as hip-hop, jazz and electronica as well as the records at Superfly’s.

“I have been here for almost two years,” Udo said. “I make music and have always loved music, so this is an awesome job. We sell everything here, so it is pretty cool.”

Udo said Superfly’s greatest asset is its variety of music, which allows any customer to find an appealing genre.

“No matter what type of music you are into, chances are we have it,” Udo said. “We have got it on CD, and we have got it vinyl. If you are actually about supporting the artists that you listen to, then you will probably buy their record here.”

Garza said Superfly’s gives local musicians a platform to share their art with live performances.

“There are a lot of people in the area that we support as far as local music,” Garza said.

Krystal May, biology junior, said she frequently visits Superfly’s to purchase R&B and soul records.

May said she is an avid listener after growing up in a house where music played constantly.

“Upon walking into the store, the vibe was very relaxed and chill,” May said.

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