New student organization connects electronic music lovers


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Osvaldo Rios, biochemistry freshman; Abraham Trevino, criminal justice sophomore, and Emmanuel Bacerott, electrical engineering freshman, members of the Electronic Music Association, mix tracks March 24 at Arnold Hall. Andres Rodriguez

“Love, unity and respect” is the motto adopted by a new campus organization striving to promote the San Marcos electronic music scene.  

Abraham Trevino, criminal justice sophomore and president of the Electronic Music Association (EMA), said the group is dedicated to providing students who appreciate electronic music the opportunity to connect and network.

“We want to create a scene for those who might not fit in,” Trevino said.

The organization is still in the beginning stages, but representatives hope it will improve students’ careers by teaching them how to DJ or produce music.

Trevino, who is a DJ, hopes by creating EMA he can help others find themselves.

“We want to support people in the scene who may be a little out of the norm,” Trevino said. “I think (music) helps you discover who you are and to learn to live and love.”

Maxwell Yi, computer science sophomore and member of EMA, joined the group to network with others who appreciate music.

“I think finding others to collaborate with and to share ideas with is the biggest purpose,” Yi said.

Yi, a music producer who goes by the name AznInvzn, is an ambassador for the Recording Academy’s Grammy U program. He has worked with G-Eazy, Zed, ZZ Ward, Paul Wall and Colbie Caillat.

He is currently teaching a few members of the group to DJ or play the piano.

Trevino said the group has 18 active members. He hopes to increase that number with an interactive recruiting session that will allow group members to take turns DJing in the Quad.

“We want to have a set list of DJs playing two hours of their own style of music,” Trevino said. “We want it to be interactive and have our DJs playing live.”

Trevino hopes to educate people who associate the electronic music genre with drug use by serving as a positive influence on campus.

“Personally, I have a problem with being seen under that light,” Trevino said. “I don’t judge people, but I don’t support that scene.”

Yi said the goal of the group is to promote electronic music and introduce the style to students who may not be familiar with it.

“You don’t need drugs to appreciate music,” Yi said. “Music itself is almost like a drug. You can get lost in it and even addicted to it.”

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