Beyond the game: Luke Sherley, freshman shortstop

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Luke Sherley, freshman shortstop, entered high school standing 5 feet 2 inches tall.

His height did not hold him down for long.

Sherley knew he was young and still had a chance to grow. That is exactly what he did. Sherley grew 12 inches during the summer between his junior and senior years of high school.

Sherley’s body has gone through more than a rapid growth spurt. Sherley has grown accustomed to the feeling of having a bone broken.

Sherley described himself as that kid in school who was always getting hurt.

“I broke both thumbs, my pinky and my ankle,” Sherley said. “When I was in third grade, I tripped and hit my head on a desk at school. I was bleeding everywhere and suffered a concussion.”

Sherley has a scar from the incident on the corner of his head, where he had to get 10 stitches.

None of his injuries were baseball-related. He decided baseball was the best option for him.

Sherley’s baseball skills led him to Texas State.

Sherley did not have to think long about choosing to play baseball for Texas State. He said no other schools were interested him out of high school.

“I got offers from Navy, Air Force and some other small schools, but this was the school I wanted to come to,” Sherley said. “I loved the coaches and the campus, and one of my good friends was coming here, and we decided to be roommates this year. He helped me make my decision.”

The Woodlands High School in Conroe, which Sherley attended, has a history of success.  

Paul Goldschmidt is an alumnus of the Woodlands program. Goldschmidt is the only baseball player to have his number retired by Texas State and was a National League All-Star during the last two seasons.  

“It was really cool going to the same school as those guys,” Sherley said. “I used to go to games when I was little, and seeing them play made me want to be good like them.”

Goldschmidt’s and Sherley’s careers intersect. Both players won a 5A State Championship while playing at the Woodlands. The Woodlands has won three state championships since 2000.

Other professional baseball players from the Woodlands program include pitchers Kyle Drabek, Toronto Blue Jays, and Jameson Taillon, Pittsburgh Pirates. Taillon was the second overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft.

The pressure of competition was tough at times for Sherley, but he took it as a positive.

“It was really competitive, but it made you work hard every day,” Sherley said. “There was always someone, even if it was your backup, who was just as good as you if not better.”

Sherley spent his summers playing for the Houston Heat select team. The Heat won a world championship in 2004 and placed second in 2006.

Sherley is no stranger to winning baseball and tough competition. He looks forward to bringing that edge to the Texas State baseball program.

"I’m focused on doing everything I can to help the team win,” Sherley said. “My goal is to come here and win the conference championship, win the conference tournament and go to a regional and see what happens after that.”

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