Faculty Senate creates new non-voting adjunct position


News Reporter

Faculty Senate has established a new position to better educate untenured faculty about the role of the legislative body at Texas State.

The Faculty Senate Fellow assignment was created at a March 4 meeting to introduce a nonvoting participant, said Vedaraman Sriraman, vice chair. The senate met with members of the President’s Cabinet March 11 to further discuss the fellow position.

Sriraman said the adjunct-representing member will most likely be selected from the Adjunct Faculty Committee (AFC) and function as a liaison to the group.

The umbrella term “adjunct faculty” refers to a variety of untenured instructors. It includes professors in the process of gaining tenure, those who teach part-time and 16 other classifications of untenured faculty, said Provost Eugene Bourgeois.

Adjunct faculty represent an important segment of the university’s teaching body, especially because of steadily rising enrollment, Bourgeois said.

Sriraman said a part-time instructor may be contracted to teach for a single year or semester if a department has a need for an additional section.

Bourgeois said he hopes the new Faculty Senate Fellow assignment will help to inform the AFC on topics including merit raises.

“By just being here week after week they’ll gain familiarity with issues that confront the entire campus community,” Sriraman said. “They will share their experiences.”

Debra Feakes, faculty senator, said the position has not yet been filled. Senators hope to fill the position to by Fall or Spring 2016.

“We’d like to get them in earlier if we could,” Feakes said.