Campus organization treats students to organic makeover


Lifestyle Reporter

Avocados, coconut oil and honey were some of the ingredients used to make organic beauty products during the “Treat Yo Self” event hosted by the Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA).

Valerie Gonzalez, public relations senior and coordinator of the activity, said SACA officials like to host events students will enjoy. Officials allow the coordinators to showcase their personalities.

Gonzalez wanted to show students how to make beauty products out of raw organic materials. She said the products help students treat themselves and de-stress before midterms.

“I want to show people how to make products that are not chemically enhanced,” she said.

Gonzalez is a self-proclaimed DIY expert. She came up with the idea to make raw, organic and vegan beauty products while exploring Pinterest.

Gonzalez sometimes makes her own beauty products, including body scrubs and rose water toners, and wanted to share her recipes with other students.

“They are pretty simple, and you can make them yourself,” Gonzalez said.

The event featured three stations giving students the option to make a raw coconut-and-lime sugar scrub, an edible lip product or a vegan hair mask.

London Lutin, accounting sophomore, said she hopes to incorporate the edible lip scrub into her daily beauty routine.

“I thought it was pretty cool and easy to make,” Lutin said. “I usually buy it, so it’s cool to make it myself.”

Each product uses about 3-5 affordable ingredients, Gonzalez said. The ingredients at the event cost under $100 and allowed about 70 students to make all three products.

Bethany Garay, family and child development senior and resident assistant at Elliot Hall, said she invited some of the students in her hall to participate in the event and encourage community involvement.

Garay said the event was her first opportunity to make organic beauty products. She hopes to use her experience to host a similar event at Elliot Hall.

“I want to maybe incorporate a coffee scrub,” Garay said. “I think you can even make lip gloss out of crayons.”

Gonzalez said this event is the first of its kind, but she hopes to host similar activities.

“When it comes to recipes, think outside of the box and just do it,” Gonzalez said.


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