Marketing group funds competition with tacos


Lifestyle Reporter
Members of Enactus, an on-campus business organization, sell tacos in the Quad as a fundraiser.

Representatives of a campus non-profit organization have been selling tacos at the Quad for the past six years in order to raise money for regional, national and international competitions.

Entrepreneurial Action Us, also known as Enactus, builds teams to teach communities about free enterprise, said Gina Goss, marketing junior and executive committee member.

“The fundraiser is called Success for Breakfast,” said Sydney Cowan, marketing junior and Enactus chair. “On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I work, we usually bring in anywhere from $150 to $180 a day.”

Maddie Smith, marketing senior and Enactus member, said the organization sells $2 egg-and-cheese tacos with salsa and a choice of chorizo, bacon or potato. The group also sells $1 Gatorade and water.

“We are here in the Quad Monday through Thursday from 6:45 a.m. until noon or until we sell out, which usually happens before noon,” Smith said.

The taco stand is run by one chair, who has a food handler’s license, and one representative, said Smith. Members of Enactus can sign up to work at the taco stand and fulfill required participation hours for the organization.

“Slots to work the taco stand always fill up,” Smith said. “It’s the easiest way to receive hours. It’s also a great way to meet other members. You’re always working with someone different.”

Goss said students can join Enactus by registering for the corresponding course. This semester the class consists of about 60 new students and 70 volunteer officers.

“Enactus focuses on people, profit and planet,” Goss said. “We try to do things that will help people and businesses in our local community.”

Goss said last year Enactus partnered with Lolita’s Café when the fundraiser began.

“We wanted to stay local and work with Lolita’s Cafe to help (the business) with distribution and expanding with sales,” Goss said. “With bigger businesses and chain restaurants moving in, we chose Lolita’s to help keep San Marcos true to what it is.”

Goss said Student Involvement, formerly Campus Activities and Student Organizations (CASO), prohibited outside venders from selling food on campus and in the Quad as of last year.

“We had a contract with Lolita’s Café, but when CASO changed the rule, we had to start making the tacos ourselves,” Goss said. “All of our chairs have food handler’s licenses, so they make the tacos.”

Cowan said taco sales were unusually low earlier in the semester. Officials decided to try raising the prices.

“We raised the prices to $2.50 to try to make up for a drop in sales, but people don’t usually carry change on them, so it didn’t work,” Cowan said. “We made the decision to drop the prices back to $2, and sales have picked up.”

Goss said Success for Breakfast is one of the fundraisers supporting the organization’s trip to the National Enactus Expo Competition in St. Louis.

“This year we are planning for about 45 members to go to nationals and compete,” Goss said. “The money from the stand provides members with airfare, hotel stay and other things they need during the trip.”

Last year the team traveled to Ohio for the Enactus National Expo and won, Goss said. The group then represented Texas State at the world competition in Beijing, China.

 “We hope this fundraiser just continues to grow,” Goss said. “In the first three years it raised $100,000 in revenue. It makes attending competitions and things like that possible.”