Beyond the game: Raven Burns, junior guard

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Raven Burns, junior guard, almost cried tears of joy during a photo shoot with her best friend, Regina Harris.

The feeling subsided when Burns held the camera lens over her eye.

It was time to get to work.

Burns got a new camera last Christmas from her father, Randy. Raven and Randy do not have much experience with photography, but they possess a flair for it.

“She’s always been kind of creative and decorative and all of that, so I think that’s something she would probably be good at,” Randy said.

Raven gets her photography instinct from her father. Randy took a photography class in high school, and his teacher told him he had a knack for it. Randy was not interested at first. He took the class because he thought it would be easy.

The apple does not fall too far from the tree. Raven seems to have been destined to be a photographer.

“I think she’s probably got it in her blood,” Randy said.

Harris agrees. She has never seen Raven as passionate about anything as photography.

“It’s like she found one of her purposes in life, and that is so exciting to find at such a young age,” Harris said. “The sky is the limit for her, and as long as I’m her best friend, I will make sure she will pursue her dream as a photographer because I believe in her 110 percent even if she doesn’t see it yet.”

One of the first shoots Raven did was with Harris. Harris said the photo shoot was professional, and an observer would never have known the two were best friends.

“The photo shoot went very well,” Harris said. “We took it very seriously, with me being an artist and her being an artist as well. We connected on a lot of ideas. She has a very creative mind that can take her really far, and I truly believe that it will.”

Raven plans on pursuing a professional career in photography after she graduates.

“Right now I’m just playing around with it,” Raven said. “I’m not a professional yet. It depends on where the money takes me.”

Raven’s photos re-kindled an old flame in her father. Photography is creating a new bond between father and daughter.

“In my graduation pictures, it has me holding one of the old-time cameras like I was a photographer,” Randy said. “I never really pursued it. Actually, I’m thinking about pursuing it now since she’s into it. I’m thinking about getting back into it, and maybe we can do something together.”

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