Selection of new Finance and Support Services VP underway

News Reporter

Texas State’s Vice President for Finance and Support Services (VPFSS) will retire in August.

Bill Nance has worked for the State of Texas for 44 years and currently serves the university as VPFSS.

“My wife has been retired for a couple of years, so I feel like now is a good time,” Nance said.

Nance started his career at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in 1971 in the financial planning division. Nance left in 1984 to work for the Texas State University System.

“I wanted to be on a campus, which is where more of the actual work goes on,” Nance said. “The job opened up here as Associate Vice President in 1991, so I decided to come down here. I was familiar with the university because it was part of the system.”

The VPFSS serves as the chief financial officer for the university, Nance said. Human resources, auxiliary services and risk management fall under his jurisdiction.

Nance said people joked his career was going in the wrong direction when he took the job.

“People typically start at a campus, then move to a system, then move to a statewide agency, but I went in the other direction,” Nance said. “I have to admit, the last 24 years have been much more rewarding, working on the campus.”

The search to replace Nance is currently underway with the help of Association of Governing Boards (AGB) Search, a firm hired by the university. Bob Lawless, AGB Search consultant, was assigned to aid the university in finding Nance’s successor, said Provost Eugene Bourgeois.

The external search firm will be used to introduce and review candidates. Bourgeois said an internal search committee will look over the applicants to decide who will be invited for an airport or on-campus interview.

The search committee is composed of representatives from all divisions of the university, Bourgeois said. The committee has created a job description and an advertisement to be used in the search. Bourgeois said Lawless will review the job description with his staff and change it if needed.

The committee will narrow down the list of candidates to 6-8 finalists. The candidates will be asked to meet with the committee for interviews, Bourgeois said. The final 3-4 candidates will be sent to President Denise Trauth for consideration.

Bourgeois said officials are looking for someone with experience in executive management as well as master planning for a university, running and managing auxiliary services and overseeing human resources.

Nancy Nusbaum, interim director of transportation services, said she has worked with Nance since he started at the university.

“He is very flexible,” Nusbaum said. “He is very much a people person. I really appreciate the opportunities he has given me over the years.”

Bourgeois said working with Nance over the past 20 years has been a pleasure.

“He has also been a gentleman—very efficient, fair with the way he expects units like academic affairs or information technology to develop their budgets,” Bourgeois said.

Nance and his wife hope to start looking for properties on a beach in Texas or somewhere out of state.

“I am interested in doing something very different than what we have been doing for the last 44 years,” Nance said.