San Marcos offers variety of pizza


Special To The Star

Pizza is a popular go-to meal in university communities, and Texas State is no exception.

Traditional delivery places such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and Papa John’s are options. However, San Marcos features local hot spots like Valentino’s, Gumby’s and Pie Society for the pizza aficionado.  

Pie Society, located on North LBJ Drive, is owned by the Katz Brothers, local entrepreneurs.

“We try to pride ourselves on local and fresh ingredients,” said Patrick Vernor, Pie Society manager. “For example, our mushrooms are from Gonzales, our goat cheese is from here in Texas (and) our honey is from Austin. Everything is very fresh and local.”

Pie Society does not have a freezer, so everything has to be made fresh in house.

“We make everything in house by hand from our dough, our sauce, our meatballs, our chicken, our bread—everything is made in house, so the quality in our products, I feel, stand out among the rest,” Vernor said.

The Balance of Power is one of the most popular pizzas, Vernor said.

“The uniqueness of the flavors is what makes it stand out,” Vernor said. “It has crushed red pepper, spinach, spicy sausage and Texas honey on top, so the sweet and spicy aspect is what makes it pretty unique.”

Students around campus also enjoy the effort and freshness involved in a Pie Society slice.

“Pie Society is definitely my favorite,” said Jaimee Raver, fashion merchandising senior. “I like their crust because it has a really good crunch with every bite. It’s not just actual crust.”

Raver said Pie Society has a variety of draft beers to complement the pizza. The staff is willing to give samples so customers can make sure their choices go well together.

Gumby’s Pizza and Wings located on North Guadalupe Street at the edge of campus, is another infamous pizza restaurant in San Marcos.

“My favorite pizza place would have to be Gumby’s,” said Dustin Schiffli, computer information systems senior. “Their deals cannot be beat, not to mention their delicious pizza.”

Gumby’s features peperoni rolls for 50 cents on Tuesdays and a ‘massive’ 20-inch pizza for $10 on Thursdays.

The deals featured at Gumby’s make it ideal for college students looking for pizza on a budget, Schiffli said.

“They have many specialized pizzas that are superb if you feel like treating yourself to some, such as the Stoner Pie,” Schiffli said. “In my opinion, these things are what make it the quintessential eatery in San Marcos.”

Valentino’s, located on the Square, is another late-night option for students who are going out for the evening.

The pizza parlor serves weekday lunch buffets with beer specials and includes the popular arcade game Pac-Man and sports on the TVs.

“Valentino’s is definitely the place to pick up some quick pizza as you are leaving the square from a night of drinking,” Schiffli said.

Each pizza eatery in San Marcos has its own unique flare and environment, promising a perfect style for every customer.