Faculty Senate opposes statewide campus carry

News Reporter

Faculty Senate and liaisons approved a “proclamation in opposition” of a campus-carry bill proposed at the ongoing 84th Texas Legislative Session.

Faculty Senators held a joint meeting with liaisons Feb. 18. Liaisons are faculty members elected by their departments to represent interests to the senate.

“I believe there is enough support to begin drafting a statement by the senate and show the president and the provost next week,” said Michel Conroy, faculty senate chair.

Conroy said officials from the University of Texas and Texas A&M University have already sent proclamations to the legislature, creating a push to expedite the process.

UT opposed the campus-carry bill, and A&M approved of it, Conroy said.

Conroy said Provost Eugene Bourgeois and President Denise Trauth have requested the legislation allow individual regions and university systems to decide on the issue rather than pass a statewide law.

The College of Health Professions including the St. David's School of Nursing located on the Round Rock campus will be represented in the proclamation as an opposed party, said Barbara Covington, nursing senator.

“I work at Round Rock, so I represent them here when I say we are in strong opposition (of) the bill—no question,” Covington said.

The Faculty Senate will write the opposition proclamation next week.