Texas State welcomes first entrepreneurial fraternity


Lifestyle Reporter
Members of Epsilon Nu Tau speak with students Feb. 9 in the Quad.

Texas State’s first entrepreneurial fraternity was established this semester to help Bobcats give back to their community.

Epsilon Nu Tau (ENT) is made up of approximately 15 members who participate in a wide range of events, said Aaron Hines, vice president of Internal.

Eric Pizzeck, philanthropy chair, said ENT is a co-ed professional organization that aims to create a group of entrepreneurs who volunteer and network with professionals in the area.

“ENT is different from other organizations because our idea is to create something from nothing all in the benefit of others and the community of San Marcos,” Pizzeck said. “We are going to be starting this week canvassing the Quad, asking people what they think should be improved at Texas State so ENT can do volunteer work that is actually needed.”

Hines said ENT officials are currently focusing on the Ultimate Pet Contest, which gives awards to the top five pets based on cuteness, uniqueness and poses. Texas State students paid $5 Feb. 10-12 to enter pets in the contest.

“We had over 300 people vote for the cutest pet the first time we did the contest, and that was without any marketing on Facebook,” Hines said. “Just today alone we’ve jumped up to 107 likes on Facebook, so it’s definitely growing fast.”

Texas State students are encouraged to visit ENT’s tent in the Quad beginning Feb. 17th to vote for the winning pet.

“A small donation is required for students to vote,” Pizzeck said. “Fifty percent of the proceeds will benefit PALS, a local animal shelter. The money will help provide animals in the San Marcos area with food, shelter, spaying and neutering.”

The entrepreneur fraternity is also planning The Planet San Marcos Music Festival, the group’s biggest project of the semester.

Nicolas Thomas, vice president of Membership, pitched the music festival idea to the organization. He said the festival will showcase local artists, bands and venders to benefit EDventure International, a humanitarianism organization on campus.

 “EDventure does trips for college students to go and use their leadership skills in other countries for environmental work,” Thomas said. “We like to support the City of San Marcos as well as other organizations at Texas State.”

ENT partnered with former organization members and the owners of San Martian Apparel to promote the festival, which will be held April 18 at Sewell Park.

“It’s going to be big,” Hines said. “We have it booked for over 1,000 people. It’ll be free to students, but we will have sponsorships, and we’re bringing in vendors.”

The group’s goal is to raise between $3,000 and $5,000 at the event, he said.

Hines said members of ENT developed sponsorship packages and spoke to Shannon Fitzpatrick, attorney for students, about permits and vendor contracts.

They are also working with the Parks and Recreation department to make sure the event is environmentally safe.

“We are currently auditioning any and all local bands and talent,” said Hines. “It’s a great way for artists to give back to the community as well as creating publicity for themselves.”