Unique San Marcos sandwich shop gains national recognition


Lifestyle Reporter
William Martin prepares bread Feb. 13 at Alvin Ord's Sandwich Shop.

Alvin Ord’s has been the go-to sandwich shop for students and San Marcos residents for over 30 years and has now received national attention for it.

The sandwich shop was ranked as 15th in the nation by the BuzzFeed Community in a Feb. 2 article, “21 Sandwich Shops In America To Eat At Before You Die.”

Olivia Trevino, store manager, said one of the eatery’s biggest appeals is the homemade artisan bread, which is baked daily, as well as the fresh produce and premium meats.

“We bake our own bread every morning, and then they are toasted,” Trevino said. “Our ingredients are very fresh, and we don’t have many preservatives in our food.”

History surrounds the sandwich shop and its connection to Schlotzsky’s. According to the Austin Chronicle, Alvin Ord’s opened after a dispute occurred between Dolores and Don Dissman, the founders of Schlotzsky’s, and another former business associate.

The falling out evolved into a bitter feud over who held the rights to the bread recipe, according to the Austin Chronicle. Schlotzsky’s won the dispute, and now the rivals could not be more different.

William Martin, Alvin Ord’s owner, said the Salvation is the restaurant’s best-selling sandwich.

“I hate to single out a sandwich, but the Salvation is definitely the best-seller and our signature sandwich,” Martin said.

Martin said the success of the business has everything to do with the workers’ combined effort to maintain quality.

“I have been the owner there for a while now, and consistency is one of our biggest concerns along with quality,” Martin said. “One of the keys to success here at the business is the people that you hire and represent you.”

Michael Gonzales, construction science and management freshman, said the restaurant is popular among students and locals craving a unique and hearty meal.

“Everything always looks really good, and the Salvation is definitely my favorite sandwich out of them all,” Gonzales said.