Texas State Quidditch provides competition at international level

Lifestyle Reporter

Texas State’s Quidditch team is ranked nationally and internationally as one of the best in college competition.

 The team began its rise to success when Michael Brewer, computer science senior, founded it in the fall 2011.

“Our team first started as a regular student organization, but within less than a year of requesting permission from athletics to become a sports club, we were approved,” Brewer said. “This is actually really record time. Most organizations usually take at least three years to prepare and get accepted for a sports club.”

Brewer said a brief introduction to the sport inspired him to establish a team at Texas State.

“I initially became interested with the game of Quidditch when I played it a few times with friends,” Brewer said. “Then I saw how incredibly popular the game was becoming and how rapidly. I also really wanted to introduce the game of Quidditch to Texas State, seeing as it is unlike any other sport in the world.”

Eric Reyes, exercise and sports science freshman and current team member, agreed Quidditch is a one-of-a-kind sport.

“In its simplest explanation, the game of Quidditch is basically a mixture of aspects from basketball, rugby and dodgeball,” Reyes said.

Quidditch is the best sport anyone can ask for, Reyes said.

“Unlike most all other sports, Quidditch is full contact, meaning no pads, as well as co-ed,” Reyes said. “Rarely do you ever get to see co-ed games, where men and women play together in the same game, so that’s another great example of how Quidditch is remarkably unique.”

Jordon Parisher, English senior and team captain, said the game involves athleticism and dedication.

“Quidditch is really quite amazing,” Parisher said. “It is a fun, silly, quirky game all while being an intense sport. Of course, there are still aspects of Harry Potter, which started it all, but it really is a true sport that takes athletic ability and skill.”

Parisher said the team practices four to five times a week with additional training as needed.

The Texas State Quidditch team has been ranked as the second best team in the country.

Last year the team was internationally ranked 31st and reached the World Cup finals, Reyes said.

“It is really quite amazing how far the Texas State Quidditch team has come in such a short amount of time,” Brewer said. “I mean, we only started up three years ago, and now we are considered one of the best both nationally and internationally. I am definitely proud to have been a part of this organization.”