President Trauth addresses concern regarding faculty diversity

News Reporter

A small crowd turned out Feb. 12 at President Denise Trauth’s Open Door session.

Trauth met with students one-on-one for her annual Open Door session. Students had the opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions. Trauth was surprised at the lack of attendees.

“It’s surprising because it’s still pretty early in the semester,” Trauth said. “If this was the end of April I’d understand it, but I would think this would be a good time. The semester launched, and yet we’re not so deep into it that people have no time.”

Sarah Garcia, creative writing graduate student, attended the session to voice concern about the lack of diversity in program.

“In the fiction department there are no faculty of color, so it’s all white,” Garcia said. “All the guest writers from 2014-2015 are also all white.”

Garcia said Trauth referred her to speak with the Student Diversity and Inclusion organization.

Trauth said university officials strive to diversify faculty in all of the programs.

“We’ve done a great job across all of the colleges of bringing in a diverse faculty,” Trauth said. “So while I haven’t recently looked at data from the creative writing program, it is kind of a surprise if we don’t have diversity in that program.”