Texas State adopts new recruitment style for Greek fraternities


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Greek Affairs adopted a new recruitment plan as of fall 2014 for fraternity chapters called 365 Recruitment.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC), which serves as the local governing body for Texas State, developed the new recruitment style in the hopes of growing Greek Life on campus.

Delta Tau Delta is currently one of Texas State’s largest Greek fraternities, said Michael Zampese, the group’s president.

Zampese looks forward to growing the chapter more since the number of bids it can offer each year is no longer limited.

“The 365 rush process has worked out really well for most fraternities,” Zampese said. “It gives us the opportunity to reach out to more guys, especially during the spring because there’s not a very high volume of guys coming to spring rush.”

Texas State fraternities previously used a more traditional rush process, said James Hodges, recruitment chair for Sigma Nu. Active fraternity members met with potential new members and offered them bids to join, he said.

If the potential members accepted, they would enter a pledge class, according to CollegeTips.com.

Ashton Zitterkopf, Alpha Tau Omega member, said IFC officials hope the new recruiting process will help minimize hazing by phasing out pledge classes.

Zitterkopf said the new system will benefit all fraternities and sororities on campus.

“I think 365 rush is a positive process that promotes unity among Greek life at Texas State,” Zitterkopf said.

Zitterkopf said those who plan to rush fraternities should look forward to the process even though the recruitment style is different.

“For those rushing, everything is still pretty much the same,” Zitterkopf said. “The experience of rushing a fraternity is still there. The only difference is, as a chapter, we have more flexibility and opportunity to get to know the guys.”

Hodges said people participating in the new process will partake in the same activities, parties and traditions as the previous rush classes.

“We still have our usual education process where those participating in rush will learn about the history of the fraternity,” Hodges said. “We will also have our mixer with Delta Zeta in a few weeks, which is like an ‘unofficial’ party for participants that do receive bids by then.”