Get to know: Cody Lovejoy, senior outfielder

Assistant Sports Editor

MM: If you could rename yourself, what would it be and why?

CL: These are really hard questions. I would never change my last name, that’s for sure.

MM: Do you know why your parents chose your name?

CL: My dad. He ropes and does rodeo a lot, so he told me they got “Cody” from Buffalo Bill Cody.

MM: What do you say to impress a girl?

CL: Just hit them with that ‘I play baseball.’ No, no, you can’t do that.

MM: What makes you proud?

CL: That I come from a small town where there’s not a lot of recognition. I can compete with all of these high-powered athletes from these big towns where there’s scouts and there’s people everywhere, yet I’ve managed to come out on top. So just that I’m hardworking and I’m driven, and I don’t let what other people think or say about me bother me. I know what good and bad is and what performance is and isn’t.

MM: What song best describes you?

CL: “Back in Black.”

MM: Which of your teammates is most likely to win American Idol or Dancing With the Stars?

CL: Who can sing? Man, who can dance? I don’t know. Who would do that? I could see (Colby) Targun winning Dancing With the Stars, but he’s no singer.

MM: Who knows you best on the team?
CL: For me, it would be Colby Targun.

MM: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

CL: My superpower would be to know the future so I know if something’s worth my time or not.

MM: Tell me about your parents, and who are you most like between the two?

CL: I’m probably more like my mom. We’re very self-motivated. My brother and my dad, they usually need a little motivation to do something. My mom and I, we just get up and do it, no questions asked.

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