Echoes Acapella gains official status with university


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Members of Echos Acapella group Shannon Ingrassia-Murphy (theater sophomore), Thomas Ritchie (public relations freshman) and Jefferson Alegria (healthcare administarion sophomore) practice singing Feb. 6 in the Music Building.


Echoes Acapella is a Texas State organization known for singing without accompaniment and entertainment qualities.

The Echoes began on campus in 2013 and became an official Texas State organization in 2014.

Shannon Ingrassia-Murphy, theatre sophomore, is the founder of the group.

“I founded it last year, my freshman year of college, and this is our first official year,” Ingrassia-Murphy said. “We don’t compete yet, but we are going to start competing next fall.”

Ingrassia-Murphy said the entire organization is student-led. Everything the Echoes have accomplished so far has been through the process of trial and error, she said.

“We are a very diverse group,” Ingrassia-Murphy said. “We have all different types of voices and song choices. We try to be as diverse as we possibly can, though sometimes our gigs ask us to sing specific songs and we try to comply with them.”

Other students have found the organization and taken a liking to the idea of an acapella group on campus that is not strictly comprised of music majors.  

“They were in the quad with their booth set up, and I walked over there and found out what they were all about,” said Thomas Yancey, public relations and mass communication freshman. “I was in choir in high school, so it drew me toward it, and I went to the audition and the callback process, and I ended up making it.”

Yancey said the Echoes have rehearsals a few times a week. He enjoys that they get to make music with their voices. Singers add their own spin to the music.

“It is really cool,” Yancey said. “I love all the people in the Echoes. We all really mesh together, and that was one of the things I was nervous about because I didn’t really know anyone, but everyone is really caring and loving, and we are like one big family.”

Jefferson Alegria, healthcare administration sophomore, was one of the first students to join the group.

“Shannon was the one that started it, and I was in the same class as her, and she knew that I had music background, and she came to me saying she wanted to start this group, and I was all for it,” Alegria said.

Alegria said once Ingrassia-Murphy started the group he attended auditions.

Originally the group was not sponsored by Texas State, Yancey said.  

It began as a group of students getting together to sing, but in spring 2014 the Echoes started the process of becoming a sponsored organization and have since reached that goal.

“Everyone is really talented, and our songs come very easy to us,” Alegria said.