Oh My Pizza Pie offers unique flavor varieties

Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Jake Wright, owner of Oh My Pizza Pie, prepares to cook pizza Jan. 24 in his handmade wood fired brick oven at The Hitch.

Jake Wright was always on the move when he first started Oh My Pizza Pie in 2012. Now he is easy to find.

Wright started his first food truck in Austin and has used it to travel to festivals across the state for the past three years. His location at The Hitch, which opened in December, is Wright’s second trailer. Both trucks include brick ovens crafted by Wright.

“I would build the oven during the weekend, and then during the week I was attending my classes at the University of Texas at Austin,” Wright said. “I built the first one over the course of two months, and the oven for the trailer at The Hitch, which is a slightly different style oven, took me about five weeks.”

Wright discovered his passion for brick ovens while living in Germany, where he learned how to bake bread and developed the skills needed to start baking pizzas in the United States.

“The place where I learned to cook bread had a huge oven, and we would make around 40 loafs of bread each night,” Wright said. “I just kind of fell in love with it, and from that point on I decided that one day I was going to build an oven similar to that one.”

Wright, who moved to San Marcos in March, considered starting a stationary food trailer in the area for quite some time.

“I have had a desire to start something that is set in one place where you can have returning customers—not just on a yearly basis but hopefully on a week-to-week basis,” Wright said. “I thought it would be nice to have something more permanent where I live that is a little more steady and not just focused on one busy season like festivals tend to be.”

Some menu items remain the same week-to-week. Other items revolve around local seasonal specials depending on the availability of farmers market produce, Wright explained.

“We haven’t been open that long, and I am still trying to work out the best way to get our food locally, but I always try to use veggies on the weekly special that I get at the farmer’s market,” Wright said. “Normally I go and see what they have, and two weeks ago I ended up making a beets-and-carrot pizza, which was one of my favorite pizzas to ever make.”

Kohner Fogelberg, Oh My Pizza Pie employee, said weather is a major business factor.

“In the beginning, business was kind of slow, but on good weather days when the sun comes out and it warms up, it gets pretty busy,” Fogelberg said. “Over winter break we saw mostly families and adults, but now that the spring semester has started, there has been more of a variety.”

Lisa Coppoletta, San Marcos resident, said style separates Oh My Pizza Pie from its competitors.

“They use farmer’s market ingredients, and the pizza is cooked with a wood burning stove,” Copoletta said. “I’m a vegetarian, and my favorite pizza is mushroom and jalapeño.”

Coppoletta said customer service was the most unique thing about her experience at the food trailer.

“The owner of the company was such an authentic person,” Coppoletta said. “I could tell he enjoys what he does and he really cares about his customers.”

Wright has short-term plans to continue both trailers but hopes to cut back on the festivals in the long run as his San Marcos business expands.

“The season will be starting back up again pretty soon, and I will be traveling every weekend,” Wright said. “So it will be both for a while, but at some point I will cut back on the festivals.”