Electro purification contract for use of aquifer pending approval


News Reporter

The Hays County Commissioner’s Court approved a resolution Feb. 3 establishing local regulation for commercial and non-exempt groundwater production in aquifer areas currently outside of the district.

The resolution is a direct outcome of a contract fulfilled by Electro Purification, LLC. The treatment and supply company based out of Houston plans to pump 5.4 million gallons of groundwater a day from the Trinity Aquifer for its clients.

Commissioner Will Conley, Precinct 3, represents the portion of the county most affected by the Electro Purification contract and presented the resolution to the court.

“This is not right,” Conley said. “People work hard, abide by the rules and make investments for their family just to see a company figure out a way to manipulate the system and take advantage of a community.”

Grant Tait, Hays County well and property owner, urged the court to approve the resolution and not allow the company to claim ownership of the water flowing through his land.

“There is no such thing as a ‘right to water,’” Tait said. “When a company starts to deplete our resources in a sneaky way for its own profit, that is wrong.”

Texas State may be affected by Electro Purification’s plan to pump such a large amount of water out of a fragile area. The one area may affect the other due to certain points where the Aquarena Springs meets the Trinity Aquifer, Tait said.

“It is very lush and beautiful along the river,” Tait said. “Many people love to float the river and enjoy the area. The water levels could drop drastically because of EP, and that would take away one of the draws to Texas State.”

Nancy Weaver, Hays County resident, asked the court to act before it was too late.

“If we continue the way we are going, we are going to create a desert here,” Weaver said. “We are inviting people to live here and buy property here at a rapid pace without telling them the water may not last through their 30-year mortgage.”

A special meeting will be held Feb. 5 to further discuss issues related to the Electro Purification project.