On the Queue

Sports Editor

Walter White was the danger—the one who knocks. And me? Well, I am the one who blogs about television.

So, basically, the same thing.

My foray into the television world began two years ago. Armed with a Netflix subscription and an excessive amount of time, I immersed myself in this world. I identified with imaginary characters, read copious amount of TV message boards and paced the floor during every Game of Thrones episode.

Now I’m a big ol’ television fanatic. I’m not ashamed about it.

There isn’t anything quite like television. It’s a special medium that grants the creator the freedom to tell a story without the time constraints of movies. If Vince Gilligan wants to devote an entire episode to a fly—yes, a measly fly—then he’ll do it. There’s always a bigger picture in television, a story within a story within a story to convey to the viewer. (Caveat: At least with shows that know what they are doing.) 

My goal is to simply write about that story.

Hopefully you’ll join me for the ride because television isn’t nearly as fun without an audience.