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Tastes of San Marcos: Herbert’s Taco Hut

I wasted half of my college career not knowing about Herbert’s Taco Hut.

Do you realize how many opportunities I had to eat chicken enchiladas there and I wasted them?

Herbert’s is located right off Interstate Highway 35, tucked away among a couple of other businesses and homes. I will admit from the outside, it doesn’t look like much. It appears to have been transformed from an old house into a taco hut and stands as a cute little orange building. Upon entering, you are quickly taken to your seat and given a huge glass of water. Seriously, huge.

I realize that cup size is a weird thing to fixate on, but I was not thirsty once the whole time I was dining.

I am always in the mood for chips and queso because, duh, I’m from Texas. Herbert’s’ queso does not disappoint. It’s not too spicy or ‘liquidy’ and tastes like real cheese (none of that Velveeta stuff).

When it comes to Mexican food, I don’t get too crazy. I tend to stay in the quesadilla and fajita area. However, at Herbert’s, I get a little wild. I’m just kidding. I got chicken enchiladas.

Other than cup size, Herbert’s really knows how to serve food quickly. I got my food about six minutes after ordering. I know this every time I go there—the service is fast. But without fail, every time they bring me my food at the speed of light, I freak out and scare the waitress. Shout-out to myself.

Back to the enchiladas.

I love their chicken enchiladas. The chicken isn’t dry, and the ranchero sauce they put on top is wonderful and not very spicy. If you like spicy, I would ask for something else because I’m not a big fan and the sauce is perfect for me. You also get rice and beans with the enchilada dinner, and I barely talked the whole meal because I was so focused on eating.

I wish I could provide you with a scathing review of this restaurant to make things a little more interesting, but I do not have a single bad thing to say. 

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Welcome to Tast of SM 

San Marcos is known for things like the river that runs through Texas State’s campus or holding the title of the fastest-growing city in the nation for two years running. But most don’t associate San Marcos with food. Unlike Austin, I don’t immediately think about hipster food trucks or cool sushi joints when San Marcos comes to mind. However, after almost three years in the city, I have discovered that San Marcos is home to delicious restaurants and coffee shops not everyone knows about.

It took me two years to even know that Wok & Roll exists, and now I can barely go a week without ordering wonton soup or sushi. San Marcos is also no stranger to coffee shops, and working at the paper, neither am I.

I am by no means a “foodie,” and I only have a general understanding of cooking. The goal of this blog is to bring you the best tastes of San Marcos on a college budget and from a normal college student. And we all love food, right? So why not share my findings with a blog post every week?

Although I have no culinary degree or any real cooking skills, I have decided to deem myself a (future) authority on San Marcos foods. Right now, I’m in the detective stage of discovering the best the city has to offer, and I hope to eventually have a “usual” order all over San Marcos.

In an attempt to find the hidden gems of San Marcos, I solemnly swear to go to as many “dives” and hole-in-the-wall dining spots as possible to make sure every student gets the most out of their college experience, at least as far as food goes.