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I absolutely love movies and television shows. It’s so cool to see all the different pieces come together and make something awesome. There are so many unknown things that go into making movies and shows. Call me a nerd, but I love watching the behind-the-scenes features on DVDs, and I will read anything that talks about the process the directors and producers go through. I love it.

I will admit that when I was younger, I would watch movies just for the heck of it. However, as I’ve gotten older (and taken some classes here at Texas State), I’m now more interested in the process of making movies, not just the movies themselves. It’s so awesome to see how the writers, producers and directors work together to come up with their idea of how the movie should go. Then on top of that you have the actors add their interpretation of the script. You put those together, and the outcome can be pretty spectacular. It’s always interesting to watch actors and directors talk about working with one another, because for the most part, they have a lot of respect for one other. Think about your favorite professor for a minute. You respect him or her and listen to what they have to say and their ideas. That is what I imagine an actor/director relationship looks like.

Now if you’re anything like me, you get worn out watching your DVD collection. And watching television can seem like a chore. Thank goodness for the creators of Netflix. Although there aren’t any behind-the-scenes features on there, Netflix has lots of movies I’ve never seen, and that is pretty cool. There are so many movies out there that I had no idea existed. I really like finding and watching them, especially the ones that have actors I like in them. They aren’t always good, but some of them can surprise you.

I go through “phases” when I watch Netflix. When I first joined, all I watched were stand-up comedies. Then I moved on to independent films. I made my way over to the documentaries section. That was followed by the horror films genre. Now I’m just catching up on TV shows. In each of those “phases” I found a lot of cool movies.

My goal with this blog is to talk about all things movies and television. I might talk about a new movie I saw or a television show I just found. I might even talk about things that I like/dislike about the film industry. There is nothing off-limits in my opinion. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. We can explore the wonderful world of movies and TV together, and hopefully we’ll come out both learning something.