Beyond the game: Kileah Mays, junior center

Sports Reporter

Kileah Mays, junior center, marches to the beat of her own drum, and that is the way she likes it.

“I feel like my personality is kind of weird sometimes because a lot of people wouldn’t perceive me as what they expected from me,” Mays said.

When describing herself, Mays often comes back to one word—old. Old school. Old body. Old spirit.

“A lot of people say I’m an ‘old body,’” Mays said. “I do feel like I have an old spirit because a lot of people my age will talk about going to the mall or places like that while I’m here like, ‘I want to watch HGTV and learn how to build things.’ So that’s why I think I’m ‘older’ because people will say like, ‘That’s boring,’ but I think it’s fun.”

Mays enjoys exploring her artistic side. Her vision extends to tile, which she wants to learn about to “build a masterpiece.”

“I really like to do a lot of DIY projects, creative things or making things,” Mays said. “I like mix-and-matching—anything, really, that has to do with arts and crafts. I really like design and stuff like that. My major is Communication Studies, but if I would have known better, I would have done Interior Design.”

One of Mays’ most prized crafts is a piece she painted her freshman year of college.

“I have this painting that I painted—it’s a cherry blossom—and I had it in my bathroom, but then I changed my color scheme to my bathroom and so I took it out since it didn’t fit that color scheme anymore,” Mays said. “It’s one of my favorite paintings because it was one of the first paintings I ever attempted with my new paint set I got my freshman year of college. At first it was just an idea that I wanted to try, but now I really like it.”

Social media has helped sparked Mays’ creativity. Mays looks to Tumblr and Pinterest often for her latest artistic ideas.

Mays shows creativity in not only her crafts but her appearance.

“I noticed she liked doing different hair styles quite often,” said Catherine Self-Morgan, Mays’ high school head coach.

Mays embraces her personality. Where other girls zig, she zags.

"Most girls wouldn’t want to lay tile and build something up," Mays said. "I think it’s interesting."

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