San Marcos’ first LGBTQIA bar fosters welcoming environment

Lifestyle Reporter
Celebratory bargoers dance on a cat walk Dec. 31 at Stonewall Warehouse on New Year’s Eve.

San Marcos’ first and only LGBTQIA bar has delivered a full schedule of events since opening in December.

San Marcos’s recent expansion has contributed to a significant increase in the city’s LGBTQIA population. Stonewall Warehouse seeks to create a fun and safe environment for the everyone.

Tabetha Mumford, Stonewall bartender, said the bar provides a diverse atmosphere when it comes to gender, race and age.

“Some people come dressed in fancy suits while others have on sweats, so it’s definitely diverse in many ways,” Mumford said. “All visitors are not a part of the gay community, but Stonewall offers a setting where anyone and everyone can be themselves and feel safe doing so.”

Discrimination is still prevalent despite the greater acceptance of the LGBTQIA community. Bryan Baker, theater and art history student, said he been denied entrance in certain bars located on the Square because of his sexual orientation. 

“It’s really nice that there is now a safe place where the LGBTQIA community can come and hang out,” Baker said.

Mumford said Stonewall isn’t just for college students, and those who attend are encouraged to wear whatever feels most comfortable.

“The bar is 21 and up, and there is no dress code enforced,” Mumford said. “We don’t enforce a dress code because it often discriminates against a certain group of people, whether it be racially, sexually, et cetera.”

Chris Rue, Stonewall general manager, said he is confident in the future of the new bar.

“It’s just a warm, inviting environment for everyone,” Rue said.

The bar has events lined up every day of the week, including karaoke, drag shows and college nights (18 and up). The establishment’s owners also plan to open on Sundays at 11 a.m. with free brunch and great deals on drinks.

Rue expects to have everything in full swing toward the end of January.

“We don’t want to just be the best gay bar in town,” Rue said. “We want to be the best bar in town.”