Women's basketball drops second consecutive game

Sports Reporter

The Texas State women’s basketball team took their second loss of the season against Houston Baptist, 61-56.

Texas State gained a 10 point lead during the middle of the first half after a layup by Meghan Braeuer, senior guard. Houston Baptist regained the lead with a 10-2 run in the last three minutes.

Braeuer missed 11 of 15 shots, following her career-high 24 point performance against Texas Tech.

“A lot of people say you focus on the defense first and your offense will come and we didn’t do a very good job with that tonight,” Braeuer said. “We need to realize as a team that we’re not going to have a great game or score effectively every game. When that happens we need to focus more on our defense and let our defense spark our offense.”

Coach Zenarae Antoine looked to Erin Peoples, junior guard, to guard senior forward Shanice Steenholdt, who scored 19 points against the Bobcats. 

“It was a tough night for Erin because we’re asking her defensively to guard Steenholdt and we’re also asking her to score for us offensively,” Antoine said. “The majority of the time, and we’ve recognized this overtime with her, she’s guarding the best player but she’ll struggle offensively. She needs to have a good mix of being able to do both. Trying to do it didn’t work so my main objective was to put Erin guarding Steenholdt.”

Due to a minor injury in practice last week Kaitlin Walla, sophomore guard, set out the last two practices prior to the game. Walla said she was worried about getting her shots up at first but during warmups she was able to calm her nerves.

Walla led the Bobcats with 15 points off the bench.

“Tonight she had a great night across the boards for the most part,” Antoine said. “Kaitlin just finds a way whether it be her ability to be able to steel, to feed the post or to knock down shots at the free throw line. If one part of her game is down she’ll find another way to insert herself.”

Antoine says this game showed her how she needs to do a better job of stressing how important defense is to the team.

“There’s got to be a way to show this team that once we commit defensively we’re going to be fine,” Antoine said. “Until that happens we might have to get smashed in the face like we did today. This is the game I would like to one day point to and say that this was a game that changed our team and people stepped up regardless of which position they were and they understand that we need to do a better job.”

Antoine points to the rebounding as a big part of the problem.

“We need to make sure we rebound and our ability to get to early help rotations right away so that when the shot goes up we’re in a better rebound position,” Antoine said. “Jacqueline [Jeffcoat] had her hands on quite a few rebounds. She just have to go up there and get it, that’s what I told her. Otherwise I’m going to have to run with someone else who is able to bring it.”

With this loss, the Bobcats fall to 1-2 this season. Texas State's next matchup is Nov. 25 against the Lamar Cardinals. 

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