Beyond the game: Emily Potts, freshman runner

Sports Reporter

Emily Potts, freshman runner, is a firm believer in sustainable living.

Potts believes Americans need to put more effort into how they live. Remaining in touch with the community and having stronger relationships on a personal level is important to her.

Potts has gotten her mind on the right track quickly. Potts is currently a nutrition and dietetics major but says she is looking into a few other options.

“I’m interested in agriculture or art,” Potts said. “Ideally, I think it would be kind of cool to be in a community that live together and farm together.”

Potts’ mother, Lisa Liston, said her daughter’s interest in farming started around middle school when Potts spent a summer on her grandparents’ land in Mason.

“She’s always been around smaller animals,” Liston said. “I took her to Colorado a couple years ago, and we went to a goat cheese farm. She got really excited about that. Then my parents got that land. It had chickens, mules and all other kinds of animals. They have deer that are brought to them, and they rehabilitate them. They’re really into animals and helping them out. I guess that’s where it all started for her.”

Potts’ grandmother rescues cats and always involved Potts in the process. Their love of animals was a strong connection between the two. Liston said Potts would go as far as asking her to pull over the car to help stray animals.

Potts’ mother has encouraged clean eating since childhood. Potts said it helps with her running.

“If people can eat clean, I think it’s a good thing,” Potts said. “I think simple and clean eating should be more readily available to the public to where it would be more cost-effective to buy whole foods rather than a liter of Pepsi, especially countries that aren’t so well off because there is a problem. I would like to see a point where that could be accomplished.”

Potts expressed interest in living in Austin after graduation.

“I do see myself living in Austin or the Northwest,” Potts said. “I feel like (Austin) is more of a liberal area. It has music. Running and being active is a big thing, and it has so many wholesome food places. In some point in my life, I want to have my own little farm so I can be self-sustained.”

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