All Black Everything

Fashion Blogger

My friends are always complaining and making fun of me because every time we go somewhere or have a girl’s night out, chances are I’m wearing black.

Some people feel like certain colors don’t look good against their skin tone or that they just don’t wear a particular color well. However, black is a color that I have seen looking good on almost everyone.

Simplicity is probably the best word to describe my fashion sense. There are those who can throw different colors and patterns together and look absolutely great, but then there are those who would rather keep it simple with one color, and those people can look great as well.

Wearing all black is hands down one of my favorite looks. It’s something about it that gives me an attitude that feels dominating and fearless and gives me the ultimate confidence. Ever heard the phrase “look good, feel good”? All black definitely makes me feel good.

Another great thing about all black is that it’s super simple to put together. Even if you feel “too plain” or “too basic,” you can throw on a pair of vibrant shoes or shoes that stand out to give your look the extra “pizzazz” it needs.

Celebrities often wear all black as well because it’s a look of professionalism and sophistication. Whether you’re going to a concert, job interview, banquet, date or formal event, you can never be inappropriately dressed if you chose black as your color.

Fashion can speak for itself, and all black speaks power. Just take Kanye West, for example. He practically thinks he’s Jesus here on earth, and the majority of the time when the paparazzi catches him, he’s wearing all black.