Don't Overlook Thrift Stores

Fashion Blogger

Have you ever heard the phrase "history repeats itself”? Well, ironically, fashion repeats itself as well. The same clothes that your parents wore in those back-in-the-day pictures are slowly but surely coming back in style today.

Most “old-school” styles that are coming back can be found in local thrift shops. Jerseys, sweatshirts and all forms of denim that you can think of are all items that most thrift shops carry.

Some people may be too embarrassed or ashamed to shop at a thrift store, but I just look at it as a way to truly express your creative side. Thrift shopping gives you the opportunity to take different items and put them together in your own unique way. Who wants to look like everyone else?

Thrift shopping is fun, easy and affordable. One thing that can be absolutely frustrating when it comes to fashion is showing up to an event with the same thing on as someone else. By stepping outside the box and not shopping at typical stores that everyone else is, you can avoid this issue. The chances of someone showing up with an outfit on that you put together yourself from thrift shopping are slim to none.

Famous brands for denim like Levi, Wrangler, True Religion and many others can be found at thrift shops and for much cheaper than your typical retail price. San Marcos has multiple thrift shops located in The Square, which is right next to campus. Most of the shops are on North LBJ Street.

As Texans and students of Texas State, it is almost essential that you own a pair of cowboy boots. However, cowboy boots don’t come cheap. The shops in The Square have a huge selection for a reasonable price. That way you won’t feel so left out at tailgate when everyone has their boots on and are showing their Bobcat spirit.

Some people think that fashion is wearing the most expensive name brand items or keeping up with trends that everyone is following, but true fashion is being able to stand out and look good without blending in with everyone else.

If you’re not into thrift shopping, I would suggest that you give it a try. You never know what you can find, or it just may become a hobby.