Bobcats hope to finish season on high note

Sports Reporter

The soccer season is winding down, and the Bobcats are in a position to gain some momentum before the postseason tournament.

Texas State finishes this season on the road against Georgia Southern and Georgia State.

“Its definitely weird,” senior forward Tori Hale said. “It’s all kind of hitting me after senior day. I’m excited because it’s ending on such a good note so far, so I hope we can keep that going, and I just really want us to end on a high note.”

The Georgia Southern Eagles have not lost a home game this season. The Eagles, sitting at a 9-5-1 record overall, are 2-0 at home in Sun Belt Conference play.

Georgia Southern and Georgia State incorporate the 4-3-3 formation, with four defenders, four midfielders and three forwards. The formation exhibits the confidence the teams have in their forwards to handle the bulk of the scoring load.

“Their front runners are very dangerous,” Coach Kat Conner said. “They got some quick kids. Both of them have a target player that’s very good.”

Defensively, the Bobcats will keep an extra defender to help out the midfielder in order to prevent the counter-attack.

Georgia Southern forward Melinda Lukas leads the team with six goals this season. Eagles forward Nora El-Shami, the team leader in assists, complements Lukas offensively.

The outside backs in both defensive schemes try to get into the attack before their teammates absorb the attack.

“It’s hard to play against (them) because you think you have time and space, but you really don’t,” Conner said. “That’s what we are trying to show the kids here: that you have to keep your own pace, you have to keep your own energy.”

The Bobcats will have to maintain their pace and attack opponents before the opposition adjusts.

“We are keeping a two-touch rhythm pace and then also trying to still make runs ahead,” Conner said. “(We) want to be able to counter into that open space, and that’s what we are trying to work on right now.”

The Bobcats will create more chances to score if they are able to make quicker reads.

“We are trying to do both styles of play, which we have had to do already in the conference,” Conner said. “Either they take away our possession front or they drop off and take away our spacing behind.”

Texas State is in second place in the Sun Belt Conference standings. Two conference games remain.

“It’s for pride,” Conner said. “I mean, you’ve worked your tail feathers off, and you messed up a game or two. We want to make sure we don’t mess up any more—just show that we are on the right track for winning and, of course, do it for pride.”