Bobcats to take on Ragin' Cajuns, Warhawks at home

Sports Reporter

The Texas State soccer team was exposed by the Ragin’ Cajuns and Warhawks last season.  

This year, the Bobcats will have home field advantage.

The team failed to stop Louisiana forward Yazmin Montoya in last year’s matchup, allowing four goals.

Montoya has additional help from forward Danielle DeRosa. Montoya and DeRosa have combined for 13 goals and seven assists for this season. The Ragin’ Cajuns have five players with four or more goals on the 2014 season.

“If you get caught sleeping, they will punish you because both groups have two front runners that want to run at you and go at you, much like the South Alabama game,” Coach Kat Conner said. “They just love to drive at you and create chaos.”

Louisiana-Monroe forwards Karlea Fehr and Jenna Pillon combined for 13 of the team’s 33 goals. Pillon leads the Warhawks in goals. Fehr leads the team in assists and points.

Caitlynn Rinehart, junior goalkeeper, and the Bobcat defenders will have their hands full with Louisiana and Louisiana-Monroe’s offensive ability.

The Bobcats are still trying to find an answer in playing power attack teams. The Ragin’ Cajuns and Warhawks play with an attacking scheme, similar to South Alabama. The Bobcats came up short in the overtime against the Jaguars, 1-0.

Texas State faces the challenge of maintaining the Warhawks’ pressure defensively.

“They like to press and bring their outside backs up high, but if you break that pressure they just drop, honestly, into their 18-yard block,” Conner said.  “We are a little bit worried about that.”

The Warhawks’ press can absorb Texas State’s offensive attack, slowing down the pace of the game. Conner is working with the team to help them understand they should not to slow down and fall in to the opponent’s scheme.

Louisiana focused its whole attack on the defensive line and midfielders.

“They are very disciplined, very good technically,” Conner said. “We made a mistake last year of not respecting that, so this year we will make sure that we respect that.”

This week the Bobcats will practice defending well in the midfield and forward ranks in order to control the Ragin’ Cajuns’ offensive scheme. Conner will have the team run drills that represent high pressure much like what they saw from Appalachian State and South Alabama.

Conner listed Ali Meyers, senior midfielder, Kassie Hormuth, freshman forward, and Rachel Grout, freshman midfielder, as key players for the Bobcats for this weekend’s matchups.

“I think they will be some of the players to be able to make susceptible runs,” Conner said. “If we can find those players that will help us, much like what we did with Troy, Rachel gets lost and gets found on the back post with a great ball, great service by Brooke (Ramsey, freshman midfielder).”