Get to Know: Caitlynn Rinehart


Sports Reporter

DT: What do you enjoy most playing the goalkeeper position?

CR: I really like having responsibility and being able to make big saves for my teammates.

DT: What is your most memorable soccer moment?

CR: When I started my first game during my freshman year against Texas, I saved a penalty kick during the game.

DT: What is your favorite movie?

CR:  I like funny movies and scary movies. My favorite movie right now has to be “Bridesmaids” because it is really funny and Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite actors.

DT: What is your favorite food?

CR: My favorite food is probably a steak with a baked sweet potato. Saltgrass is my favorite steak house.  

DT: As of now, what is your favorite television show?

CR: Favorite show is “Hart of Dixie” on CW. It’s a really good show. 

DT: What hobbies do you enjoy outside of soccer?

CR: My favorite hobby would probably be hunting. I’m, like, the country girl on the team.

DT: Do you have any pets?

CR: I have a purebred chocolate Labrador named Judge. He’s probably one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. 

DT: What type of music do you listen to?

CR: I pretty much listen to Texas country. If you go on my phone, that’s all you will pretty much see, is Texas country and George Strait.  I listen to a little bit of hip-hop when I’m with my teammates.

DT: What song or songs get you pumped before a game?

CR: I listen to hip-hop music before a game because you can’t get pumped up to country.