Bobcats split weekend games against South Alabama, Troy


Sports Reporter

The Texas State soccer team improved to 9-4-1 overall after splitting its matchups with South Alabama and Troy.  

Texas State received its first loss in Sun Belt play against defending conference champion South Alabama.

The Bobcats and Jaguars started the game pressuring each other. The high pressure and physical play in the first half set the tone for the remainder of the game.

“Both teams were trying to high pressure each other so it was really hard to get good ball control,” Coach Kat Conner said. “They tried to take us out of our style by pressing as we did to them in the first half.”

At the end of the first half, the stats reflected a clear difference in shot selection. The Jaguars attempted 11 shots with two on goal, as the Bobcats attempted five shots with three on goal. 

The Bobcats approach was more patient and strategic as they tried to create more precise and accurate looks.

The teams were tied at zero after two halves, taking the Bobcats into their third overtime of the season. South Alabama’s aggressive play led to freshman forward Charde Hannah’s game-winning goal in the 98th minute.

South Alabama attempted 24 shots, while the Bobcats attempted 10.

“We have to have to make those timely adjustments,” Conner said. “Tonight we needed extra effort from the forward line. And for them to have a stronger defensive effort and everyone pressed. We need to work better as a unit.”

Following the overtime loss, the Bobcats bounced back with a 2-0 victory over Troy.

“We are learning to realize that if teams are going to play us their way, we have the fire power to do that too,” Conner said.

For the first 18 minutes of the game, Troy pressured Texas State by attacking and trying to force the Bobcats to play their style of game.

The improvement in effort of the forward line and defensive team play started to take effect with 20 minutes remaining in the first half for the Bobcats. 

During the Bobcats attack Rachel Grout, freshman midfielder, scored the first goal of the game in the 31st minute assisted by Brooke Ramsey, freshman midfielder.

“I saw a huge difference from our forward line this game,” Conner said. “Our forward primary gave good effort to press it. I saw extreme effort on the forward part especially from Rachel and Lynsey (Curry).”

Lynsey Curry, junior forward, helped the Bobcats continue the momentum in the second half as she scored her fifth goal of the season. Curry scored in the 46th minute on an unassisted breakaway.

“Coming off the bench in halftime, coach told us to keep up the work ethic,” Curry said. “Coach told us to keep attacking the ball and we need to be first to the ball so that’s what we did.”

Caitlynn Rinehart, junior goalkeeper, played a pivotal part of the game once against with nine saves.

“Caitylnn made some great saves but she did even more by controlling the box,” Conner said. “There were times she directed and gave good help in the corner and helped take away options that did not turn in to shots.”

The Bobcats, 4-1 in the Sun Belt, have four conference games before the postseason tournament.