Fall is arriving and so is better clothing options

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The season is changing, and fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us. Although as Texans we won't experience any major temperature drops just yet, we can still prepare our closets.

Fall is definitely the best season, and even more so when it comes to fashion. It's not too hot and it's not too cold, which gives you plenty of versatility when putting together your outfits.

There are tights, boots, scarves, oversized sweaters and so much you can work with.

I embrace my fashionable side the most in the fall because the weather conditions allow me to do pretty much whatever.

Considering all the options when it comes to fall fashion, we'll go over three simple looks that you can keep in mind when throwing your summer clothes in the back of the closet before you go shopping for the new season:

My boyfriend’s shirt that he's not getting back look  

As a huge fan of comfort, this look is my favorite. An oversized sweater or shirt with a pair of tights or skinny jeans and knee-high boots is a great way to keep it cute and simple.

The Gap has a great selection of clothes for winter and fall. The store has sweaters galore in almost every color or style you can think of, and their jean wall is amazing. 

Another great thing about fall is the fact that you can find the clothes for it almost anywhere. It’s not difficult to find a nice sweater, or you could just steal your brother’s or boyfriend’s and make that work as well.

If you’re more of the creative type, there’s a few thrift shops in The Square that have all kinds of vintage looks that you can put together to make the outfit of your preference. It’s always fun taking items that you wouldn’t assume to be fashionable and making them work. The look on people’s faces when they ask, “Where’d you get that top?” and you respond, “Oh, the thrift shop,” is priceless.

The “Fancy Schmancy” look

Dressing up in the fall can be fun too. A blazer with a nice pair of jeans and maybe even a scarf that compliments the outfit along with some boots is a great look. A skirt with stockings or knee-high socks is also an edgy chic look that I love.

Stores like Agaci and Forever 21 usually carry blazers and jackets that will make your outfit look fancy and sophisticated. For a cute pair of boots, Aldo is a great shoe store for women and men, and their shoe selection is one of the best.

Dressing up is almost effortless in the fall because almost every look, whether it be comfy or fancy, will look good.

“I literally woke up like this” look

This is the look that I’m sure most of us will fall victim to multiple times throughout the semester. This is the look where we pull out the high school hoodies and 7th grade basketball team sweatshirts and call it a day. I must say this look is probably one of my favorites because it’s nothing like throwing on a hoodie as you dread going to class after staying up all night studying.

If you want to show your Bobcat pride, The University Bookstore has nice hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets everywhere, and they are reasonably priced. After all, you can never go wrong when showing Texas State pride.

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