Don’t Sweat It: Beat the Heat and Still Look Hot


With temperatures at an all time high, plus being residents of central Texas, it’s difficult to decide what clothes are appropriate and comfortable for life on campus. With the heat at an all-time high, the stairs seemingly never ending and the hills getting steeper by the minute, what do you wear?

Nike, Adidas and other workout-style clothing lines should be your best friends while shopping or deciding what clothes to wear to class. While jeans and fitted tops are always cute and fashionable, they aren’t so ideal for class days while its still unbearably hot. Tight clothes combined with heat not only lead to discomfort but poor hygiene by the end of the day as well.

A loose-fitting workout top, or even a simple t-shirt along with Nike shorts, or a pair of thin, below-the-knee tights are probably the most comfortable clothes to wear on Texas State’s campus. Although it may not be a runway-ready outfit, the idea is to be as comfy as possible. You may want to consider saving that Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian outfit for the weekend. Otherwise, you won’t feel so Kardashian while climbing Mount Alkek, or you just may have a heat stroke.

Being college students, the majority of us are broke. Nike and Adidas units may not always exactly fit into the budget. However, the Tanger Outlets and Premium Outlets are about 15 minutes away from campus, and both have Adidas and Nike stores, which often have good sales and deals. Their clothes rarely go out of style, and the quality will last you the whole year or longer. However, if you’re adamant about taking the cheap route, don’t freak; there are other options.

Forever 21 has an active wear line for women that is both cute and affordable. What better combination is there? Yoga pants, tights, shorts, tanks…they have everything. It’s best to shop online because there is more offered, but there is now a new Forever 21 at the outlets that just recently opened.

There is a huge Old Navy at the outlets as well, and they have an active wear line for both men and women. I know what you’re thinking; isn’t that a mom store? Typically, the average teen or young adult doesn’t just stroll into Old Navy to find their best outfit, but their active wear shop is definitely on the rise. Old Navy offers a variety of styles, colors and prints that are all affordable.

The idea here is to wear what’s convenient for the conditions. It’s hot outside, and we all know the stairs and hills at Texas State are annoying and unavoidable. Dressing up and looking fancy is great, but doing so at this time of year when going to class may not be the best idea for us Bobcats. When temperatures drop (which probably won’t be until November or December in Texas), then we can break out the Kim K and Kanye West clothes in our closets.

Guys, girls love the sporty look. And girls, I think every guy appreciates a girl who can look good without much effort. Sometimes, simplicity is better. Less is more. Ladies, guys love girls in yoga pants, so if you get a few double takes or stares, don’t freak – it probably just means you got it going on. 

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