Beyond the Game: Ali Myers


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Ali Myers, senior midfielder, patrols the middle of the soccer field, maintaining her defensive line and creating chances for her teammates.

It’s a seamless transition—offense to defense, defense to offense—that she must make every game.

Myers’ ability to scan the field comes from, in large part, her photography background. Myers, a communication studies major with a minor in business, plans on traveling for six months to build her portfolio.

“Being a photographer for National Geographic magazine would be my dream job; getting to see the world and bring what I capture and document to the eyes of many,” Myers said. “I hope to help spread awareness about the animals and people of the world and bring the visuals I can capture to life in the eyes of someone else in the world.”

Myers, the middle child in her family, followed in the footsteps of her older sister Kelly, as well as some other relatives, when she decided to attend Texas State University. Kelly graduated from Texas State, and her younger sister, Natalie, is a freshman this semester at Texas State as well.

“Besides the soccer program being very competitive and successful, I have had a lot of relatives attend school here with nothing but great things to say about the campus life,” Myers said. “My older sister, Kelly, was actually a senior when I was a freshman here, which was very nice to have her with me and show me the reins.”

Myers was an all-around athlete growing up. She participated in volleyball, track and softball in addition to soccer. Myers eventually whittled the list down to soccer because it sounded like an “adventure and a challenge.”

Off the field, Myers enjoys being active, visiting new places, and photographing her memories. She also likes to float the river and ride her Pure Fix bike all around Austin.

Myers’ favorite team is Manchester United, and her favorite athlete is former Manchester United soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who now plays for Real Madrid.

“Both teams are hands-down extremely talented and very well known,” Myers said. “I respect his move and still am a huge fan of Ronaldo as well as Manchester.”

Myers didn’t hesitate when asked who her biggest inspiration was for furthering her education and athletic career.

“My parents are my all-time idols, my heroes, and my everything,” Myers said. “They have made me the person I am today, and being able to give back to them and make them proud is my biggest motivation and inspiration. Seeing them smile from ear to ear and hearing them support me is complete and total happiness. I try to mirror half of the person that they are and excel with the happiness, love and courage that they have given me. I owe it all to my dad and mom. I love you. You both are my angels.”