Freshman entrepreneur runs online tech news company


Trends Reporter

Freshman Leon Hitchens IV turned his interest in the latest gadgets into a bona fide career by starting his own tech news company called Digital Bounds, providing reviews and updates on the newest electronic devices and industry news.

“It all started when I got my first laptop and started blogging back in eighth grade, and as it went along I started focusing more on technology because I really liked that,” said Hitchens, a computer information systems major.

Hitchens said the site’s growth was slow at first, which helped him understand that the people behind popular blogs run them as a full-time career and not just a hobby. He then started to contact companies about reviewing their devices, a major aspect of his blog.

Hitchens said his job mainly consists of extensive research on the latest and most popular tech items on the market. After browsing through research material and press releases, he writes reviews and descriptions for his readers in layman’s terms so everyone can understand all aspects of potentially pricey products and tech news.

“For example, there was recently the Heartbleed bug, which put a lot of the sites’ users’ passwords up for easy access to hackers, so I wrote a piece about that and just explained exactly how it happened, how it's fixed now and how the sites are more effective,” Hitchens said.

Digital Bounds currently sees around 15,000 views a month. While Hitchens prefers not to disclose his income from the site, he said the site is completely self-sufficient. He plans to expand the successful site into a YouTube channel consisting of video shorts and reviews. After graduation, Hitchens plans to continue the site and become a full-time tech journalist.

“As a father, I wanted to make sure that when he was going to college that he was going to do something useful, and I was glad that he got into blogging with computers because that is something he can use in a career,” said Leon Hitchens III, Leon Hitchens IV’s father.

Hitchens III said he noticed his son’s foray into blogging in high school and watched it taking shape and expanding with the rise of the social media wave.

“I like to be my own boss,” Hitchens IV said. “I really just want to grow and get more followers and more readers and from there continue my career.”